Seeking hope in the Net

Some time ago I was so depressed and hopeless I was aching for any ray of light that could give meaning to the painful times I was going through. I was too weak and low of spirits that I couldn’t even ask people close to me for help. It was like I didn’t know how to communicate or how to ask for a hand. I had the words in my brain but not in my mouth.

Depression was really consuming every inch of my life. I was existing, not living anymore. Death was in every corner and whispered in my ear words of desperation. However, the little strength I had then helped me keep looking for other options. And let’s be honest, my faith was that thin thread holding me to life when everything else seemed to have abandoned and deserted me.

And that very thin thread made me surf the net searching for anything that could help me have some air to breath and hold to, while I found a real solution.

So, I felt compelled to start a blog like this, to share with others pieces of advice that may help them and give them some hope when nothing seems to be good. I was saved by many people sharing good stuff on the Internet and I would like to do my part as well.

I will share my process of faith, this pilgrimage through life until this day, and my strategies or events that were very decisive to overcome depression and other challenges I faced in the past or face everyday. (I am still learning like anybody else!). The worst case scenario is that you never ever read me again.

If you are depressed, or struggling with your faith, or want to hear the story of Una Catholic peregrina, or just want to add a new acquisition to your collection of the “Flying Spaghetti Monster” stories, I hope this is what you are looking for.

Just one last note, this is Tico flavored!


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